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Hi, I'm Meysam, Project Manager, Programmer, Game Developer and Artificial Intelligence expert. I received my master's degree in artificial intelligence from Shiraz University (International branch) and my bachelor's degree in computer software engineering from Islamic Azad University of Shiraz

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I use following technologies: .NET, Java, PHP (Laravel),
Perl, HTML, JQuery, Unity, JavaScript, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite

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As a project manager, I have managed many software projects at Fardan7Eghlim Co. and FANA Co. companies

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Startup and Game

I am interested in partnership for development of startup and Game ideas. you are welcome to contact me for more discussion

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Artificial Intelligence

I am interested to work in Artificial Intelligence related topics. for example, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Mining & Knowledge discovery, Evolutionary systems, Social Networks, Image Processing, Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems, etc

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I hold private lessons in programming and other computer related fields

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All in all, i'm interested to be your partner in any reasonable project. again, you can contact me for more discussion on the matter

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